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Weekend Workings

This past weekend wasn’t a particularly exciting one, but a busy one all the same.  On Friday, after work Austin and I ventured out for sushi, which was exceedingly tasty and indulgent. I didn’t make my step goal on Friday, but considering I had made it the previous four days, I wasn’t about to beat myself up for it.


Saturday I was determined to make up the difference between Friday and my step goal, on top of that day’s goal.  Austin and I made it a point to go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday, so I had a pretty good base of steps going from the morning session on Saturday.  After going through Costco and Publix for grocery shopping, it was a small walk to the post office boxes and then I had hit 10,000 steps.

Sunday was a day of visiting friends, my grandma, and doing laundry and prepping food for the week. None of that really led to much as far as steps… so it was time for the second gym session of the weekend.

I love podcasts, and have a list that I use as my commute every day, so many that some weeks I just don’t have enough time in the car to listen to them all.  I didn’t want to add another one to the cycle, or to take away from my weekly supply… but the Atlanta Monster  podcast was calling my name. True crime? Podcast? Research? Oh man. I was doomed. So I told myself that I would subscribe, and only listen to it when I’m walking on the treadmill or for my step goal. It worked! The first episode was long enough to throw me over my goal for Sunday.

Today was a cold one, and a busy holiday at work. I was able to wander and keep busy talking to visitors and helping out colleagues, so my step goal was all but made by the time I got home.  I decided to go for a stretch goal and listen to some of Episode Two of Atlanta Monster and get some extra steps in. Real life, my face was COLD.                                                                              

Tonight Austin is on duty, so it’s me and the cats. I had chips and salsa, and a small bowl of ice cream for dinner… the bachelorette life is a glamorous one, guys!

Do you listen to any podcasts? Have any recommendations for ones to listen to while working out? Any favorite activities? 

I’m building myself back up by walking, but I want to get back to going to ReFit soon.  My butt needs to dance and the cardio is cathartic. Tomorrow night I have an appointment to get my hair done thanks to a gift certificate gift from my dad, so I’m excited!

Now I’m tempted to buy this mug…








oday, so it’s me and the cats