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Weekend Workings: The Fancy Dinner Kind

This weekend was one of those weekends that fell where Austin had duty one day, so I ended up being woken up at 5 AM when he rolled out of bed to go to work on Saturday.  I fell back asleep, but the cats had heard the siren call of Morning Feeding and didn’t let that last too long.  It was a good thing, though, because I got up and made it to my first ReFit class in a long time!

Tracy was teaching alone, which was part of why I decided that I would stay awake after feeding the cats, and make it to the 8:30 class. That and I just miss the class! My butt muscles are still super sore, and I’m planning on going to the class tomorrow, so we’ll see how I feel on Wednesday…

If you don’t take a sweatie selfie with the instructor after a workout, did you even actually go to the workout?

I ended up bonking after coming home and taking a shower, and napping with the cats. I think it’s time to get my bloodwork drawn to check my thyroid levels, because I’m running out of steam a lot faster that I used to. It’s check up time anyways, so might as well!  I eventually got up again, visited my grandma, and hung out doing laundry.  Because I napped, the universe decided to laugh at me and make it so that I couldn’t fall back asleep, and ended up being up until close to 2 AM Saturday night. Sigh.

Austin came home from work on Sunday morning, and we ventured out to go find breakfast at one of our favorite places, Metro Diner.  The line is always crazy on the weekends, but we usually sneak in and sit at the first-come-first-serve bar stools and watch the line cooks prep food.  It’s like breakfast and a show! We didn’t luck out on bar stools this time, but ended up getting seated pretty quickly anyway.

This is food photography at it’s finest, people. Nothing but the best.

Austin had the Fried Chicken Benedict Special, which was poached eggs on fried chicken tenders on half a belgian waffle with hollendaise sauce. It was seriously delicious, and the pile of hashbrowns weren’t bad either. My standard is the Bissell Breakfast with eggs, bacon, a biscuit, two pancakes and cheese grits. Despite my best intentions, I have never managed to finish one of these meals, so Austin helped by eating some of my pancakes.

Sunday night was a fancy dinner occasion with the volunteer banquet for my park. I used this as an excuse to put on a nice dress, which made my boyfriend feel that he should up the ante and put on his nice suit. We clean up pretty nice, yeah?

The dress I’m wearing is one of the ones that has been sitting in the back of my closet, waiting for me to get back down to a size when I could fit in it respectably. I tried it on last night on a whim, and it fit like a dream! I was exceedingly happy and felt like a million bucks in it.  I also played with using hot rollers to set my hair, and I’m hoping I can wrangle it into even better shape for the party we’re going to on Thursday for Austin’s ship.

Tonight I made a roast in the crock pot, with veggies and reduced the drippings into gravy… and forgot to take a picture. I plan on turning the leftovers into a beef stew of sorts tomorrow for dinner, because yum.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Do you have an item of clothing that is hiding in the back of your closet waiting for its moment to shine?

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