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Socks and Motivation

The hardest part of working out for me is beginning the workout. I can talk myself out of just about anything, and honestly, getting out the door after a full day at work isn’t easy. It’s a struggle. There’s cats at my house, and sometimes, I just don’t want to leave them.

Yes, my socks have Godzilla rampaging in a city on them. Yes, Minion is fierce and attacking my feet. My life is a constant time of him ninja attacking me, most especially my feet.

I made it for close to a year going to ReFit consistently… and then things happened. Homecoming from deployment, life getting all strange and change-y as I adjusted to having Austin around all the time. Then the holidays. Then just generally feeling like crap.

Sure enough, I realized… I miss it. I miss working out and how awesome I felt and how my body would respond to it. So I went back. Fumbled through the songs that I didn’t know.

And I wore fun socks.

I love fun socks. I have socks that go up to my thighs that are striped, I have Christmas socks, socks that say “LOVE” up the side (I’m wearing those on Tuesday this week for Valentine’s day!), socks with Jellyfish on them, Sugar skull socks… and you’ve seen the Godzilla socks.

Somehow, when I wear the fun socks, the motivation to go to ReFit, or to the gym to spend my 30 minutes on the elliptical listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast (or Atlanta Monster, lately!) easier. It’s part vanity because I love the compliments I get on my socks, part allowing my unique personality to show through.

Anyone else listen to podcasts when they work out? I started listening to a few to keep me occupied during my commute, but I really love them for working out, too. Maybe it’s because I need something to keep me occupied mentally so I don’t end up just staring at the wall/window in front of the machine and spacing out and being bored. I don’t like listening to things when I’m walking out in the open because I have a weird phobia of someone coming up and not being able to hear them. Not so much of an issue in the gym, but on a sidewalk it totally is! One close call of being run over by a bike is enough for me.

So I wear my socks, and my socks give me motivation to get out the door and to class, or into the gym. Motivation is something everyone struggles with, so why worry about where it comes from? The ladies at ReFit get a kick out of seeing which socks I’m going to wear that day, and I enjoy the process of picking them out to match my mood.

Also, I made it to ReFit this morning before going to a Palentine’s brunch with my FRG. I didn’t use the brunch as an excuse not to go! I went, I came home, showered, changed, and even made it to the restaurant early! I felt like such a productive adult.

Maybe it’s just me, but the Godzilla socks really make the leg heavy songs easier to do. Godzilla of squats!  .. Okay, yeah, I’m reaching there.

If you’re interested in what shoes I wear to ReFit, these are the kind I have.  They’re great, especially the pivot point in the sole so I can swivel as much as my bum knees will let me. I’m not sure if I’ll buy them again when this pair wears out, or if I’ll try the Nike Free sneakers which are recommended so much by ReFit instructors.

How do you motivate yourself? Do you have any podcast recommendations? 

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