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Day One – Here we go again

So.. hi, guys.

I know that essentially, I’m shouting into the void, after over six months of no posts, and generally just.. ignoring the fact that I have a blog. I’m bad at the whole thing of actually participating in things like social media, other than occasionally sending out funny tweets to my favorite internet personalities and sharing cat videos with friends.

But I have been doing a lot of things outside of that. Losing weight, as one. Since my diagnosis with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in August of 2016, I’ve lost about 50 pounds. Which isn’t a small amount! I’m not going to downplay the fact that this past weekend, I went and bought size 16 jeans to replace the size 20 jeans I had bought the previous January for a trip to Kentucky.  Honestly, I’m proud of that weight lost.

I dabbled in doing Keto for over 40 days – and lost ~15 pounds? But I felt like I was sliding into Super Restrictive Mindset when it comes to food.. and that’s not my jam. I’d rather eat well, and just… eat less. Which is kind of how I lost most of the weight anyways. Especially since most of that weight came back after I decided Christmas, then New Years, then Tuesdays were just bad days to be on low carb diets.

That brings us to… yesterday.  Austin and I went to Universal Studios to explore, as I had taken a few days off to be with him while he is on holiday leave and they offer pretty awesome Military Appreciation tickets (and hey, I’m all for that perk). We didn’t even go hog wild in the parks, but we still clocked over 13,000 steps as we walked through, around, etc.


And it KILLED me. One of the things I’ve let slide in the past two months is working on my fitness levels, or at least making sure I was moving more. I did a couple of StepBets, and won, and liked how they made me move to keep from losing my $40.  Yes, a lot of that was walking around the parking lot of my gated apartment complex in the dark as a desperate attempt to get last minute steps in, BUT STILL.

My legs were killing me by the end of the day, and I just… I can’t do that. I can’t be worn out by a day, not even a DAY, less than 6 hours walking around a theme park!

Today I took it upon myself to get to the gym at my apartment after work and at least make my step goal for the day. My very sore calves are proud to say we managed it.

Then I came home and ate a big dinner which probably undid all of that work. But there’s balance in everything.

For 2018, I have three goals:
1) Find balance in my eating habits where I feel good, and not deprived

2) Find balance in my moving habits where I feel good, and not pained

3) Find balance in my financial habits where I can save (feel good!) and spend (still good!) without hurting either

Oh, and, to, you know. Blog about it. I need a creative outlet other than cross stitching, and typing is less of a strain on my eyes.

I know it’s kinda late, but here’s the Christmas card I sent out this year (including out newest furkid, Minion!):


Do you set goals for the year? Do you make resolutions? If so, what are some of them that you have for 2018?

2 thoughts on “Day One – Here we go again

  1. I’m horrible with keeping my blog up to date too. Now that I’m done with school, I’m going to pick it back up again. I didn’t make resolutions, but I do plan goals for myself most years. This year I plan to lose anther 20lbs (congrats on your 50! That’s a lot of hard work), learn Spanish (at least start), and learn Photoshop.

    1. Photoshop is a great goal and skill to have! Spanish is super useful too… I used to be pretty conversational after four years of high school Spanish until I took German in college. Now I can understand it pretty well, but when I try to speak it, German comes out. Guess I got my mental wires crossed?

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