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Back on the wagon, back to the routine

It’s been… a week, guys. Really. I have a whole post cooking on reflecting about the government shutdown and how I spent that time (spoiler: there was a lot of ice cream and worrying), so I’m not going to get into it now. I promise, it’s not anything political, as I’m not a really a political person, and sharing those views as a Federal employee just get awkward fast, so I don’t.

What I will do, is talk about some of the highlights of today:

After a few lazy days filled with ice cream, I decided today was a day to go all-in with healthy habits again. Drinking my water, walking in excess of my step goal, cooking dinner and not just looking for the fastest/easiest/laziest dinner I can. Mexican joints, man. They get you every time. Tacos make sadness better.

Austin and I are lucky to live in an apartment complex that is extremely walkable – the area outside of it has double wide sidewalks to walkers and bikers can live in harmony, as well as not being crowded off by a determined mom with a double wide stroller out for her evening run. We walked about a mile and a half, and part of it we ducked into one of the neighborhoods to house ogle, and came upon four houses in a row that had this situation going on:


It took a moment for us to remember that it’s a really new development, and therefore they still have show homes. That don’t necessarily need the full use of the garage, so having bushes in front of the garage door isn’t completely nuts! At least we got a laugh out of our confusion.

By the end of the walk, it was just chilly enough that I couldn’t feel my face and my legs were reminding me that really, we didn’t move much over the weekend. But my daily total was nice and beefy (for me, at least) so I’m not too mad.

For dinner I did one of my “find a bunch of stuff that goes together and throw it in a pan” methods, and ended up with a pretty awesome breakfast hash.  There’s diced red potatoes, bacon, spinach, and cheddar topped with two fried eggs and a little salsa verde. Definitely a winner, and Austin declared it should be kept in rotation of our weeknight recipes.

Now I’m off to shower and put my feet up for a little bit before heading to bed. Part of adjusting to life with a chronic disease that makes you tired all the time is just giving in to the early bed time. My days of being a night owl and staying up until 2 AM, then getting up at 5 to do homework before going to work are long over.  Plus, I have cuddle cats who want to snuggle all the time, so I can’t complain about a reason to be in bed where they cuddle up (or in Moose’s case, cuddle adjacent to me).

Are you an early riser? Early to bed? Night owl? Both? I miss being productive at night, but I’m learning to shift my productivity to earlier in the day to free up my evening to be in bed by 10 at the latest.

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