A bit of a dramatic change

I have a habit of doing vaguely dramatic things to my hair at random times, or at least what seems like random times to other people.

My hair hadn’t changed much since I had it done before Austin’s homecoming in August, and it had just progressed.. and grown… and well, you see.  My hair stylist is a magician and my favorite kind of mixologist, the kind that makes my hair color cover all my grays and freshen up my style.  She worked her magic, we joked about Harry Potter for most of the time, and now…

I love it! It’s a fresh new feel, and has a really lovely red tone in the sunlight. Now I’m enjoying my new secret alias as Dark Haired Alicia.

I even still managed to make my step goal yesterday, despite the evening processing under a hat of hair color.

Tonight Austin and I took an early walk before I made dinner (which really wasn’t anything special, and I barely ate any. Something was just off with the texture of the sauce I made for shrimp – Austin was more than happy for my portion!) and managed to finish before the temperature really started to drop.

Florida has been waffling between the low to mid-70’s and hard freezes. Tonight is another hard freeze, with a low of 29*.  I’m happy for things like my remote start for my car – it thaws the ice on the windshield and allows me to just hustle my butt downstairs without having to then freeze said butt in my car immediately. It’s not bad.

My WTForecast app isn’t kidding around when it comes to the temperature predictions for tonight..

At least I’ve got two furry cats who love to snuggle, and a boyfriend who is basically a furnace to get me through the long night!

Do you ever do something dramatic with you hair? How do you execute the urge to ‘make a change’?